Mike Monahan Home Inspections’ Frequently Asked Questions


Question: Do I need to be there?
Answer: I prefer that you be with me when I do the inspection. There are lots of things that you can learn from the inspection and we go over lots of different maintenance type items that you will find to be very useful as you get in your new home.

Question: Does my agent need to be there?
Answer: No, but that, too, is generally a good idea to have him or her present. They can answer some questions which I would not be qualified to answer-things relating to what should be asked of the seller.

Question: Do you have a lockbox key?
Answer: Yes, I have the key code box to get us in the property IF it is a house on lockbox. Some sellers do not have or allow lockbox key access. So be sure to find out before we get to the property and try to gain access.

Question: How long will the inspection take?
Answer: Typically between 2-3 1/2 hours. It depends, but this is a pretty good estimate based on previous jobs. A home is a complicated item to look at when you get into the nitty-gritty, as we will do when conducting the inspection. So, be prepared for a long class with me.

Question: What do I do if you find something seriously wrong with the house?
Answer: That depends. If I determine that something is seriously wrong with, say, the plumbing leading out of the house, I would explain to you what the problem is or appears to be and why this is serious and the consequences of not doing anything about it. I would then try to give you some ballpark idea of what the cost to rectify the problem would be. At that point, like all the issues that I bring up to the seller, it becomes an issue for you and your agent to determine your comfort level and to what degree you believe the seller may or may not repair or correct or pay for this particular issue (classic problem that question #2 above concerns).

Question: What about follow up on any items you find that will be corrected by the seller?
Answer: If the seller agrees to fix a certain number of items and you want me to go back to the house to see if those items have been corrected, I can do that for a charge of $125.00 as a follow-up.