Providing Thorough Home Inspection Services


The main inspection covers the grounds, siding, roofing, drainage, gutters, and windows; then, once in the house, I go over the electrical, plumbing, heating, cooling, framing, ventilation, floors, walls, doors, windows, appliances, fixtures, and . . . lots and lots of stuff, but that’s not all I cover!I am certified by the ITC to do infrared thermal inspections. Infrared thermal inspections are included in all full home inspections. I also offer stand-alone infrared scans. These are ideal for energy auditing and detecting potential water issues as well as many other issues that are not readily detectable visually.Many homes have mold issues, radon possibilities, and lead paint. All of these items can be tested as well for additional service fees.Your inspection report is produced electronically and e-mailed to you within 24 hours—no waiting until the next day or two. You want answers, and you get them right away. The report is recorded in an easy to read, comprehensive manner, breaking down the components of your home in easy to understand terms. Then, when it’s all over, you have an electronic copy to review, share with your realtor or other members of your closing team, and keep for a permanent record of your home’s structures and systems. Also, you get photos (included in the report) on any issues that need immediate attention or that were deficient at the time of the inspection (a picture tells a thousand words).

ORder an Inspection

To order an inspection from me, simply call Mike Monahan Home Inspections, Inc., at (404) 313-1960; or, you may text page me, and I will get your message instantly. If you wish, you can also send an email to me at [email protected].If I don’t answer or respond right away to your text page, it is most likely because I’m with a customer. I PROMISE to get back to you as soon as possible.Generally, I need at least 24 hours notification, but sometimes I get very busy and it may take two or three days to get you on the schedule; it just depends. I will do whatever I can to accommodate you regarding your contract timeframe and your personal schedule to inspect the property you are about to purchase.Click the icon  below to download and print a PDF formatted inspection agreement form:

Inspection Agreement Form

Price List

Houses (3,000 sq. ft. or less (basement or crawl) $545
Houses (3,000 sq. ft. or less (slab) $525
Over 3,000 sq. ft. is an additional $100/1000 sq. ft. Condo (2 bedroom) $355
Condo (1 bedroom) $325 Individual Infrared exam $195
Radon Exam $200
Re-inspection $125


I am certified by and a member of the following professional organization:

ASHI (American Society of Home Inspectors) certified member since 2003. What this means is that my work has been audited by the largest and most prestigious organization dedicated to the highest standards in the home inspection industry. I have been tested by an independent organization verifying my knowledge in a wide range of building matters. In order to stay in good standing with ASHI, I must obtain a certain amount of continuing education credits each year.Member of MAIA (Metro Atlanta Inspectors Association), and ICC (International Code Congress (formerly SBCCI).With well over 9,000 home inspections, you can be sure I have seen quite a bit of construction over the past 20 years.